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Pupil Support

Here at Hillside, we value and respect the children’s views and opinions and understand that these need to be listened to and taken seriously.

Due to this, we prioritise children’s voices and we are extremely proud of the variety of ways that this is achieved.

We are lucky to have a hard-working school council and eco council to represent each class and our children are given the chance to voice their views through pupil voice surveys and interviews. This helps us to improve our school environment and make it the best possible place for learning (and lots of fun too!) to take place.

Meet our Student Council


Meet our Eco Council


Our Eco Council’s current focus in on litter and the harm it does to our environment. They will be considering how to reduce litter.

Pupil Voice Surveys and Interviews

Our Pupil Voice survey revealed that…

  • Over 98% of children feel safe in school.
  • 94% of children report enjoying their lessons in school.
  • Over 95% of children feel that they can access help and support in class.
  • Over 70% of children ALWAYS access resources to help them with their own learning,
  • Over 99% of children enjoy their breaks and lunchtimes at Hillside. Over 80% of these children ALWAYS enjoy their breaks and lunchtimes.
  • Over 75% of children like coming to school.